September Beauty: Latest Products & Current Favourites

Latest Products:
I’ve acquired some amazing products this month, but I am still dedicated to consistently trying new pieces to see what works for me, and what I can recommend to you, my readers. I wanted to share some that I have recently picked up, and hope to be just as great, but haven’t been able to test properly. If you have been able to then please leave a comment below or tweet me @florals_corals and let me know your thoughts! 
Last month I had my Make up done at the new MAC counter in Frasers. I’ve not used many Mac products over the years but I have always been a fan of their eye and lip products – Velvet Teddy anyone? I found that when you have someone who knows the products apply them for you, that singly they are great! My newest favourite (after only a few uses) is the perfecting stick, as soon as it was applied I knew it would be on my MAC wish list every few months. Along with their new Liptensity lipstick, especially in Smoked Almond, its Velvet Teddy but richer, more pigmented and lasts longer. 
I’ve been using my new products over the past week and will let you know more next month – also i’m always talking favourite products on my insta stories whilst getting ready in the morning, so don’t forget to check that out @lucyflorals.

Current Favourites:

And i’m sure if you do follow me on instagram and watch my stories, you will have seen my rave about these products recently. 
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: I asked at the counter, what the artists favourite product was, and they all said Magic Cream and recommended it to me, and I couldn’t be more happy that they did. Even just now when my skin is bad and recovering from a reaction, which lead to me having to use steroid cream. I feel like when I put the magic cream on, it smoothes and plumps my skin and leaves it perfect for make up to be applied. 
Wonder Glow: Similar to the above, this has been another insane product. Its no secret I love the dewy look, and this added to your foundation, or as a base gives you exactly that. 
Chanel Bronzer: I know I have spoke about this before, but I’ve been using it for almost 2 months now, and it’s one of the best and most versatile products i’ve bought. If you are looking for a bronzer, and if like me you love to tan, this is great for face and body – i’m constantly touching up my neck with this to make sure everything blends and my body and face aren’t different colours. 
If you are looking for a hero pieces in terms of Make up – this is it. An absolute all rounder. 
HD Brows Finishing Powder: I’m not normally a fan of powder, but it helps to set our make up and as I do have that kind of skin that Make up just loves to slide off – I compromise, and this is it. A light and easy powder, It leaves my face anything but cake-y but instead with a beautiful glow. 
Thats it for now on the beauty front, but I will be back next month for another round up! 
Have a great week!