Pinstripes in Paris

Last Monday I was at the Top of the Arc De Triomphe and shooting this look around Paris after breakfast at L’avenue. Today I am sat at home working all day in a weirdly sunny but also very chilly, Glasgow. I’m sure you don’t have to ask where i’d rather be?

More to the point, my Parisian saviour (other than my OtterBox phone case read my last post to hear about that ) was this £30 pinstripe blazer. I gravitate towards it every morning whilst getting ready, it’s so classic and chic & looks great with every pair of denim I own, as well as dresses and skirts.

When travelling i’m not someone who brings a lot of choices, I usually travel light and ever since loosing my case on the way to America I rarely check luggage. This means I have to be particularly clever about outfit choices, and jackets that will match my day and night time looks are essential. Don’t you agree that this Pinstripe fits the bill? I just added simple t-shirts and jeans, or my leather skirt and it worked perfectly over the two days, because, and especially in Paris, less is always more. Don’t overpack or overthink it!

So, basically I’m saying you need to invest in a longline Pinstripe blazer ASAP! It will carry you through Autumn with a knit underneath and then when winter comes you can layer a simple coat over it for warmth.

I’ve linked some of my favourites below, and don’t forget to tweet me if you’ve seen any other great ones!

All Images – Chris Allan. 


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