Real Life

Adidas Superstar | Next Blazer | Balenziaga Bag | Zara Top (similar here) | Black Trousers (down to £25!)

When I first started the blog, my main goal was to have beautiful images, and even though I had no idea how I would achieve this, I knew that photography was what I wanted to set me apart. I’ve been collecting Vogue religiously for over 10 years, almost every copy since 2006 as well as lots from over the world, but the main reason for me doing so, was that I fell in love with the images. The editorial style of photography became a passion of mine, I got completely lost in this magical world of beauty and movement, so when it came to my own blog it was only natural that I wanted to create something similar for my readers.

Street style photography is real, its capturing people in their lives and what they wear. Recently, I have been changing the style of my blog and social media, because creatively I had to it was becoming too much the same. One of my goals has been to find the excitement in my photography again. I started to shoot more images on days when I’m actually busy doing daily errands, so it’s clothes that I’m wearing, and coffee that Im drinking, or like above – the flowers that I’m buying. Images of clothes can be boring if its twice a week, every week. I wanted to tell a story with my posts and let you into my life more. What do you think? What kind of photography do you prefer, or should I say what inspires you? Tweet, comment below or snap me to let me know, it’s always great to hear other opinions.

I hope you are enjoying these style of posts as much as I enjoying shooting them with Chris, also please let me know of any advice or other posts you would love to see!

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday – not long until Easter Weekend! 

All Images – Chris Allan.

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