PFW Diary

Happy Monday, I wanted to share some final snaps from my trip to Paris, because we were only able to do two outfit shoots, due to the rain and snow at points, I thought i’d leave these images to last and I can tell you what I really got up to at Fashion Week.

I am definitely aware of what people want to see on my social media channels, as well as others, nobody wants to constantly be spammed with 20 FROW images a day. After two seasons in London I learned that people prefer lifestyle images to those of presentations or tiny models on catwalks, in which they cannot even see the clothes.  However, I know so many of you actually want to see the clothes, and thats why I like to do these Fashion Week diaries, it gives me the opportunity to share the images and talk about them, and because I was able to go to different showrooms in Paris, it meant I could actually try pieces on and show you my Favourites.

It was such a short 3 day visit to Paris, and we crammed so much in, from shooting to meetings, visiting showrooms and grabbing drinks with my favourites @LornaLuxe and her husband John, we had to get up super early to fit in all the lifestyle bits too, but of course it was worth it.

Theres so much going on in Paris at this time and literally there’s such a great vibe and atmosphere even walking around the Tuileries looking at what people are wearing, it’s mesmerising. Theres also great showrooms and events on, for example Charlie May, Trace Publicity and London Showrooms, which was a great way for me to catch up on what I missed at LFW. You can see from the images above me trying on that insane Hemyca Coat I wanted to take home with me. A special Thank you to Myra, the Designer, for letting me prance around the showroom in it!

In terms of my favourite looks and trends of the season, i’d say Chloe was a highlight, along with my ever favourite Isabel Marant, and those incredible chunky knits. Barbara Bui (pictured above) had the coolest mix and tartan with leather, that I fell in love with.

Paris was beautiful and it was a particularly inspiring trip, I am desperate to go back next season!

I hope you enjoyed flicking through my PFW diary and if you would like to see more of this style of post every season, please let me know.

Images – Chris Allan

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