Easy Like A Sunday

 Jacket, Old (c/o of brother!) Keno Sweater | Stan Smiths | Mango Trousers | Cos SocksRay Ban Sunglasses

I had been loving the socks and trainers with trousers look for a while, last summer I wore my Stans with white socks often, but it wasn’t until we were walking in London a few weeks ago and I spotted a French woman in front of me wearing suit trousers, blue cotton socks and Stans – then I realised her husband and children were also wearing the same. Then, I heard them speak and it made sense, as such a huge lover of French style, of course they would be this stylish.

So, I took the inspiration and decided I loved it, here is my laid back look for grabbing coffee on a Sunday morning. Wearing of course, the coolest cream Kenzo jumper (which I bought for Chris, then stole back again, or borrowed – it’s too good. And the bomber, I also stole from my brother, I suppose sometimes that oversized/lazy chic look is just perfect for a Sunday – don’t you think?

Would you wear your trainers with a dark sock and trousers? I have been doing it with my nikes and jeans, and Stan’s and leathers – I may try a grey sock next – what do you think?

Have a wonderful weekend! 

All Images – Chris Allan.