Standing for Something

    Dr Marten Flora Boot (c/o) | Mango Coat | Zara Tee | Celine Sunnies (Similar) | HM Fedora | DVF Bag (Similar) | Zara Knit Zara Jeans

When Dr Marten got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to be involved in something they were doing, I was excited and intrigued. It’s a brand I wore when I was younger but became more interested in in recent years, as Chris wears them. Not only are they the best quality boots, but they have an incredible selection of all types of boots and shoes, for everyone really, and not just the original 1460 boot that we tend to associate with Dr Marten.

They currently have the #Standforsomething campaign running, which is totally fitting for the brand that in the past has often been associated with moral and political values. Seeing this made me think about what do I stand for? Of course I have many political values which, I stand for as I have been a member of a political party for many years – but I decided to take a risk and a chance and leave what I had spent 4 years working for, and stand for myself. I stand for personal happiness, individuality, uniqueness and finding yourself. I stand for having your own personal style, wearing what makes you feel good, and being you. I don’t think anything is more important than finding happiness in yourself, your style and what you do, and being able to express it. Dr Marten is an empowering brand that can make you want to stand for yourself, uniqueness and for all those people who want to take those risks too.

Moreover, I am so excited to be a brand ambassador for Docs and wanted to share a little about my experience thus far, and obviously show you all how I style my docs.

I went into store in Glasgow and met the store manager Liz, and she was kind enough to show me around the store and explain all the different collections to me. Those such as the refined collection, which I ended up picking, they have a thiner sole and are slightly pointed, so fitted my shape better. To my surprise, they also had incredible clothes, bomber jackets and black mohair sweaters that I loved.  The store in Glasgow is definitely worth a visit, the people are great and so helpful and of course, the shoes – you need a pair. I have totally fallen for mine, the comfort, the wearability and the style.

Below are just a few pictures from my experience in store. Thanks to the Glasgow team for my new boots, goodie bags and a great meeting! Look forward to working with you all in the future.