Florida Diary 2

Another Florida diary, with some pictures from our trip. We had an amazing few weeks, wondering around magical Disney & the incredible Universal Studios. We ate lots of yummy food, mostly cakes and fries for me, is there anything better? Especially because I’m vegetarian and don’t eat Burgers etc, I was obviously allowed to eat more chips than everyone else … or so I kept telling myself.
We did however have lots of beautiful fresh fish and salads too, the restaurants were amazing.

We swam with dolphins, it was so incredible, even though I was slightly scared. If you head over to my Instagram feed you can find some pictures there.

Other than that, I mostly spent my time shopping. I bought my Chanel Espadrilles from Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade agenda and Hello Tokyo phone cover, converse, Calvin Klein underwear, Victorias Secret silk kimono and underwear. Also Candles and soaps etc. from Bath and Body works. I bought some drug store make up, surf spray and other make up from Sephora, Clothes from F21, Moisturisers from Kiehls, 2 ‘L’ mugs from Anthropologie (the most amazing shop – check it out online), Shirts from Ralph Lauren and my beauty of a belt I managed to finally find. Oh and the obligatory American Vogues.

Missing America as I had an amazing time with my love and family but happy and thankful to be home safe and looking forward to our next trip.

Have a wonderful weekend.