My Uniform and Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe

My Uniform and Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe

As I have mentioned previously, I tend to wear different variations of the same outfit – or uniform – everyday. This usually includes, leather trousers, skirts, jeans, shirts, plain t-shirts and trainers or birkenstocks. By mixing all of the items together and putting stripes with plaid and leather with denim, there are many different variations of my daily ‘uniform.’

To me, this idea of the capsule wardrobe is where I tend to buy less non good quality goods and invest more money in better pieces that will last me longer. This fits me and my style perfectly.
I can wear these pieces all year round also, for the summer I just layer down, sandals, jeans, skirts and basic tee’s and then layer up in the winter adding a tee, a shirt, the denim jacket and then a coat over it.

I picked these pieces above to demonstrate how I work out what I will buy and what I need for my capsule wardrobe. Currently on my wish list are these golden goose white sneakers. I am having difficulty finding a pair in my size, so if anyone knows where to get them, other than Farfetch, please let me know in the comments below.

Although this simple capsule wardrobe works for me, I know that it’s not suited to everyone. Also of course I have lots of other pieces that I wear for different occasions, some black and white dresses for example, but I mainly created this for daily casual wear.  How do you feel about the capsule wardrobe and do you have something similar? Do you also like to save and spend money on more quality pieces instead of cheaper items that wear fast? Please let me know, i’d love to here other suggestions for capsule wardrobe items.

Have a great week!