Basic vest – Zara, Sandals – River Island, White jeans – Zara, Shirt-  Topman – Stolen form my boyfriend (Thanks Chris!) 

I am currently obsessed with the basic look. I love everything minimal and simple but as it’s spring now, and almost summer, I have decided to update it slightly 

I love shirts (or anything)  tied around my waist, especially with a vest or jumper over them. I am also very into basics, they look great but I feel it’s important to invest a bit of money in them in order for them to look good. Zara have a great range of basics from a lower prince range up to a more quality line of shirts and tees, which is great. You can never go wrong with a grey or white ribbed vest in the summer. Cos, however, is probably the place to go to invest in minimal basics.

What do you think of the Olsen’s style? 

P.S – Getting there with the new camera lens – thanks for the tips! 

Have a great weekend and a lovely start to May.