The Denim Shirt

I am a lover of all oversized men’s shirts especially under a sweater, so casual, but the denim shirt is just timeless. With all my style icons donning double denim this spring I couldn’t not add the perfect denim shirt to my wardrobe. 

Last summer I seen Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes wear a darkish denim shirt with denim shorts and the most amazing belt and Isabel Marant sandals – I was sold. The denim shirt is also a favourite of the Olsen twins and more recently Aimee Song and L.A blogger Sincerely, Jules. I admire their laid back style, they make double denim effortlessly cool. 

So, I had been on the hunt to find my denim shirt for a while now, months actually, and just couldn’t seem to find the right one for me, and if I did it was well out of my price range. I had been wearing an older denim shirt of my boyfriends until he surprised me with this men’s denim one he found at TK -Maxx! The denim is thick and the exact colour I wanted and couldn’t find anywhere, it was perfectly oversized and mostly it was simple, it didn’t have rhinestones or anything on it like most of the ones selling in stores – it was just right. 

I haven’t been able to take it off since last week. Here are some pictures of me wearing it, they are from my instagram as I haven’t yet had time to shoot any looks due to mountains of uni work. (2 months left – it’s almost over!)

What do you think of the denim shirt and what about double denim?

Happy Monday, and have a lovely week!