I just wanted to do a quick post to apologise for my absence from blogging.

I have had a lot uni deadlines within the last month.

I handed in my first chapter of my dissertation last week and finished my two hour presentation yesterday afternoon. Although I still have even more work to do as I sit in the library at 8am, I promise I will try to keep up with regular posts. 

But for now, here’s what i’ve been up to … 

Cosy days at Uni in my check coat and black western boots.

Pancakes and coffee breaks with my boyfriend, the only thing that gets my through dissertation writing weekends.  

My fur coat is my absolute favourite. Nothing better as it’s freezing here.

Out for dinner with my family. I love this outfit – shirts and knits are so cool together – layering is the best.

Leather trousers are made more versatile with old school converse. Air Max what? lol.

I love tea and coffee. 

Morning runs – so pretty.