At the weekend my mum and I went to an antiques fair in Glasgow as we both love interiors and enjoy hunting for vintage pieces for the house. The fair was great and had a wide variety of stalls, different antiques shops and sellers come from all over the UK which meant there was lots to rummage through.

Every sunday there’s a fair in either Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling or Ayr, so if you love bargain hunting and have a free Sunday, it’s definitely worth a visit.

I have been on the hunt for a vintage tray for my room, ideally i’d love a vintage hermes one to sit on my dresser to put make up and candles on. However, they are rare and awful expensive. I did manage to find a gorgeous small silver tray at the weekend and it really ties in with my rooms french vintage theme. My mum also picked up some cute butter knives and some a few vintage cup and saucer sets for her collection.

I would definitely recommend these antiques fairs, especially if you love thrifting or vintage shopping!

Add old perfume bottles, boxes or big candles to give your tray the perfect look.