Yesterday I went for a wander around Kelvingrove art gallery with my boyfriend as we were a little bored. I hadn’t been in years and I had such a great time, if your in Glasgow i’d definitely recommend a look around.

We had so much fun taking pictures and looking at all the beautiful art. My favourite piece would have to be Christ of St John of the Cross by Salvador Dali, it’s probably the biggest piece of art they have in the gallery and the most controversial. Its so powerful and captivating, it brings out different emotions for me and reminds me of many wonderful things. It is simply beautiful and undoubtedly one of the most powerful images I have ever seen. I could sit for hours and just look at it, it is most definitely worth a visit.

They pictures aren’t great but for my trip to the gallery again i stuck to my simple/minimalist style and wore my new grey H&M jeans (post here), white converse, oversized T from H&M, Zara tartan blazer, Alexander McQueen scarf and my Mulberry mini Alexa (just took some great shots of this bag for a post coming very soon!)

Since I didn’t get great pictures of what I was wearing (and this is a personal style blog) in the galleries because of the light, I took a few shots with my iphone when I got home – please excuse the poor quality.


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