Tuesday, 30 August 2016


I don't know how many times I've talked about the struggle of transitioning into a different season. The weather is off, it's freezing in the mornings but warm in the afternoons and you genuinely have no idea of what to wear.

For the past few weeks i've been compiling all my inspiration on Pinterest and decided to pull together my top picks of pieces for the next few months.

  1. Leather - whether it be a jacket, shorts, or skirt, you can still wear with your legs out like I have above, but keep warm and autumnal looking. Swaying away from summery floatly materials, a structured leather piece will carry you through the transitional season. 
  2. Denim - An oversized denim jacket or those classic levi's will be your best friend at this time of year. Add a chunky sweater to your denim skirt or that oversized jacket on top of a dress, it instantly adds warmth and takes away from the look being too mid-summer. 
  3. Statement Blazers - Again you can add one over any simple and classic look, Levis and a white tee with a statement blush blazer is the perfect look to take you from Summer into September. if you're heading out for the night, add a strappy barely there sandal and you are good to go.
  4. Combat Boots - There's nothing I love more than a pair of chunky boots with a mini skirt or dress. A pair of Docs is the perfect way to add an autumnal edge to your girly floral dress. Also try them with a mini skirt and cropped chunky knit - the perfect combo. 
  5. Chunky Knits, Sweatshirts & Cardi's. Ever since I was introduced to Isabel Marant many years ago, i've been a fan of the sweatshirt. Take a look at Urban outfitters renewal section for the perfect blush pink colour sweatshirt, I can't wait to pick some up. Another way to feel fall ready is a long sleeve cardi worn with nothing underneath and buttoned down. It gives off  a chic look without feeling too old and outdated. 

What are your favourite picks for transitioning into the colder weather? I always love to see new inspirations so tweet me or link me your pinterest boards & let me know what you think. 

Have a great week!

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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Monthly Beauty Favourites : How To Keep Your Summer Glow For AW16

It's no secret that I am an avid fake tan user. However even with my summer spray tanning sessions nothing really compares to that sunshine glow. So how do we keep it through autumn and winter, because with the cold, rain, wind and everything else that those seasons bring, the last thing you want is to be pale. I've rounded up some of my recent favourite products and some tips on how I keep my tan throughout those darker months.


My newest obsession has got to be the Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kit, I bought this in the US a few months ago, and it has quickly become my saviour. 
A recent re-discovery is the Chanel Soleil Tan Bronzer Universal, not only does it give the perfect tan base and slight contour, it's so light and airy it almost feels like you have nothing on your face, making it that little bit more natural feeling. It's also my go to for touching up my tan on my neck/arms if I need to. 
In terms of foundation, even though I said I wanted to try and find alternatives to my Designer foundations, I still think that for me, they will always suit best. I did find that, however, both the L'Oreal infallible foundations are great for mixing in and adding an extra bit of colour, as well as just for wearing on your off days because for £10 and under, you can't beat them. 


I've been getting my HD brows done at Salon Above for over 4 years now, I went every month religiously because I became addicted to how good I felt after having them done. It shaped my face, and made me feel instantly better. Hence, why I'm so obsessed with using their products. 
A well shaped dark brow is the perfect addition to any bronzed glow on your face, and the best products from the HD line in my opinion, would have to be the Browtec and the Brow colour fix. It's the working girls best friend, quick and easy but leaves you with perfect brows. 

PS - they come in the most amazing colours!


On my hunt for designer dupes I came across the NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks. A supposed dupe for the Kylie Lip Kits, they have quickly become my new go to over my beloved MAC velvet teddy. 
My favourite nude tones will always look great with a tan and compliment it perfectly. So I would suggest trying a lighter one and building it up to a darker shade, depending on your colouring. 

Let me know what tips and tricks you use to keep your holiday and summer glow into the Autumn months. Also please let me know what you think of my new monthly beauty favourites series. I will continue to try new products with the aim of finding inexpensive dupes, as well as adding to my long list of products that are worth the money. Look out for Septembers beauty favourites to see how I get on.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!



Monday, 15 August 2016

Saturday Night

How to dress for a night out when your not really a 'night out' person? Probably my longest lived clothing dilemma, mostly as i've always found it difficult to wear a fully fancy outfit. I can do heels and a barely there top, but i'd have to be in jeans or I could wear a skirt with my legs out, but it would always be paired with a simple t-shirt & trainers or flats.

Somehow I just never feel fully comfortable in a dressy look, i've said for years that if I ever get married I would wear a suit or a two-piece. 

Yet sometimes, occasions pop up that you have to dress up for - so how can you still be yourself whilst in a dress and heels?

  1. Firstly I'd say pick a dress you love, when I came across this 8th sign dress, I fell for the deep V cut and the mess panels. It's fancy but is so edgy at the same time, and of course that's what I was looking for. They have some beautiful and different occasion wear, the only thing I would say if you are buying, double check the sizing. I found this ultra tight across my chest even though it fit well in other places. If you have a funny shape, check the measurements to be safe. 
  2. Add your own accessories! Be it a belt, shoes, bag, jewellery - choose what you like and make the look your own with some individuality.  
  3. Throw on a leather jacket or something similar and it will make your look that little more cool and relaxed. 

How do you make different looks your own? And what's your favourite type of outfit to wear at the weekend? Tweet me or leave me a comment on instagram @lucyflorals. 

Have a wonderful week!



Monday, 8 August 2016


Everyday looks are always the hardest, how do you look good and pulled together every single day? Well, like I was saying in my last post, a certain formula is all you need.

A good pair of denims or leather trousers 
A simple but eye catching top 
A classic shape bag & pair of shoes

This is what I go for everyday for meetings, work and events at night. This specific look is a favourite of mine because the Zelle studio Top made it acceptable for a meeting then straight out for cocktails at Hutchsons 158 bar. (Another must have if you are in Glasgow)

You may have seen recently on instagram how I have worn these classic Gap girlfriend fit denims with my Asos belt over numerous days. On Saturday I went for them with heels and a silky cami, then for Sunday afternoon I switched to a shirt and superstar trainers.

The base is there, all you need to do is switch things up according to whats appropriate for you and your day.

What's your favourite pieces just now? This top is quickly becoming mine! Tweet or snap me what you think & if you have any transitional favourites for August.

Hope Your week is going great!

All Images - Chris Allan. 



Friday, 5 August 2016

For when you have nothing to wear ...

That staple, classic look you should always reach for when you just don't know what to wear. It's my ultimate silhouette, as you will all probably know, and to this day it has never failed me.

Of course you can switch up colours, denim styles, shoes and accessories, but the shape will stay the same. A strong denim, a basic and V-neck tee and a blazer. Nothing beats this combination, because it can be so easily dressed up or down and fits almost any occasion - it's your holy grail.

I've picked out a few of my inexpensive favourites that are easy to incorporate into your transitional wardrobe, and will help you on the days when you either just can't be bothered or are too busy to think about outfits.

This Blazer is perfect, its from Missguided, and although it needed a good iron when delivered, I think for  the£27 I paid for it, it's a nice addition to my blazer collection. Other than that I stick to Mango & Zara, the quality is so long lasting for the price and the wear. When you want to stick to below £100, definitely try Mango, although Missguided are even cheaper, and so on trend. 

*Tip: When shopping, think about shape, material and structure - the Balmain-esque style structure will always compliment any outfit!*

For denims, I do think investing in a few good pairs of levi's is essential. However River Island, Mango, Zara and my most recent favourite - Pull & Bear, all have great inexpensive and different denims. Go for the classic washes and try a stepped hem for the upcoming season (I've linked my favourites below!)

Let me know what you think of these styles of looks and if you have any silhouette that you live by, also let me know what your thinking of Instagram Stories, to be honest I'm a bit lost in it all, but enjoying it still. Souls I keep snapping and posting on my Instagram story? Let me know what you guys want to see.

Have a great weekend!

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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Going Dotty

Mango Cowboy Boots (Half price in the sale) | Gucci Dionysus | Ray Ban Sunglasses | Zara Blouse Only £19.99 New & in store but not online! | Black Denim Shorts (On sale!) | Necklaces Freedom at Topshop |  Joumanna Ring 

One of the trends you will all see, or no doubt have already seen pouring into the shops recently is everything and anything spotty. Especially if you shop in Zara, you'll see they have even dedicated a trend page to Dots & Spots.

If you're anything like me you may already have planned your AW16 wardrobe, but if your a little slower, this is the perfect time to start looking out for next seasons trends and picking key pieces. This can be tricky though, as you begin to get excited about the new pieces and get lost with what to wear now.

Well, as we still (hopefully) have a few months left of summer, I'm looking at how to incorporate this trend into your summer wardrobe. It just means you can buy now, wear now, but still have great pieces for your AW wardrobe when the time comes around.

Top Tips

  1. Go Sheer. Like I've done above, it's not too heavy or dark with a strong pattern, and easy to wear in the warmer summer days. 
  2. For dresses, try off the shoulder. If you have a spotty pattern with long sleeves and its black and white, it could be too wintery. The off the shoulder helps to make it lighter and more airy. Zara have a few beautiful pieces on their trend page.
  3. Accessories only. If you keep the spot trend to the accessories and wear with a fresh white look, it will be perfect for a summer night. 
  4. Blouses - the number one favourite of this trend. For summer keep it white with dark spots and button it down low enough, adding a lace bra and some nice jewellery underneath. 
  5. Try a spotty tea dress, again with a low cut and wrap around detail. The tea dress is ultimately a summer time piece so it will make a heavier print look instantly summery. (I've linked some favourites below) 

Let me know if you have any other ideas of how to incorporate spots into your current wardrobe. 

Enjoy your Sunday & wishing you all a wonderful new week! 

All Images - Chris Allan. 



Monday, 25 July 2016

Travel Diary: Orlando

Over the years i've been to Orlando on numerous occasions, I'd say it's probably one of my favourite holiday destinations. So I thought instead of simply just doing a photo diary that I would write a full review of my favourite places to visit, hotels to stay at and restaurants to eat at. Hopefully it is somewhat helpful to my readers and if you have any other questions, please do get in touch.

Where to Stay

This year we done something a little different, we split our stay to two different hotels. For the first section of our trip we stayed at The Waldorf Astoria, which is situated on Lake Buena Vista (aka Disney) and then for the second part, we stayed at the Hard Rock, which is of course a Universal hotel.

Normally, we would stay on International drive, because as much as I love the parks, after a day at them I can get a little bored and want to move on to something different (probably shopping but not always!) However, because we were going with my family, we decided it might be better to stay on site so there was plenty for us all to do, without having to relay on each other.

The Waldorf was incredible, I loved everything about it, the rooms were gorgeous, the pool was beautiful and so quiet. Marble bathrooms and the most gorgeous lobby that even smelled like Byredo Blanche. The only thing that I could fault about the hotel was its location, it was pretty out of the way compared to where we usually stay but again thats personal preference and for many people it would be the perfect location as it has transport links to all Disney parks. I wouldn't, however,  let me put me off staying there in future as everything else was incredible.

The Hard Rock was a totally different experience. Of course I know your thinking - what is she talking about? You seen the daily snapchats of how much I enjoyed my time there, but I'm going to be truthful and honest, because it's only fair.

As you drive up, the surroundings are incredible, it's the most beautiful building in a gorgeous setting, the fountain, the tiles and the amazing pool area. You get express passes for the rides, are minutes walking distance from the Universal parks and the gardens are literally so beautiful you feel like you are in Palm Springs. Despite the amazing atmosphere, dive in movie and all of the above, the inside of the hotel, as well as the service is certainly not worth what they charge for it.

I understand it's about the atmosphere for most people, but for me the rooms and service were not to the standard of the Waldorf, which cost less than half the price per night. So if I were to go back, I doubt I would stay there again. In fact if I do go back next year, I imagine I would stay at the Hyatt Regency again, it's one of my favourite places in Orlando.

Ok, enough ranting about the hotels, lets talk about what else to do whilst you are there.

Where to Eat

There's lots of great places in Orlando, but one of my favourites would have to be STK, we went a number of times for the atmosphere as well as the food. The whole vibe is just great, sit on the terrace and enjoy the amazing playlist whilst eating. Another great new place at Disney springs would be Sprinkles, you need to go here and get a cupcake - delicious. 
Copper Canyon at Pointe Orlando is great too, it's a scratch kitchen, so everything is fresh and tastes incredible. Shake Shack on international drive, great for those of us who don't live near one, and if you are looking for something more special, the Bull and the Bear at the Waldorf Hotel it's rated as one of the best restaurants in Orlando. 

What to do

Universal is obviously my number one place to visit. Go early to Diagon Alley and have pancakes at the Leaky Cauldron, or else go later at night and see everything lit up. You must also try a Cauldron Cake, especially if you're a chocolate lover like me. 
Disney is literally magical, I always make it a point to go to the Magic Kingdom now, and after all those visits, it still never gets old. Try a Mickey ice cream & if you want in early book an 8am breakfast at Be our guest restaurant - a great breakfast and it's pretty cool walking up to the castle with hardly anyone else around. 

Other than the parks, of course, theres's shopping, and lots of it. Mall at Millenia is my go to - first stop by Godiva and get some of their soft serve or a chocolate dipped strawberry and just walk around the beautiful mall and enjoy all the luxury shops - Neiman Marcus is my favourite, it's where I finally found my Chanel espadrilles.
The new Disney springs is a must visit - it's not only beautiful but it now has a Sephora, Zara, Free People and many more! Another shop there I love is Francesca's - the cutest boho style clothing and accessories.
We also love to go to Celebration Town, it's so pretty I even enjoy the car journey just sitting taking in all the beautiful houses. Grab a coffee and walk around, they have lovely little stores and a Macaroon shop!

I can't think of anything else to add just now, but if you are going and want to ask me anything, just tweet me @florals_corals or snap me @lucyflorals. 

Have a great week ahead!


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