Monday, 25 July 2016

Travel Diary: Orlando

Over the years i've been to Orlando on numerous occasions, I'd say it's probably one of my favourite holiday destinations. So I thought instead of simply just doing a photo diary that I would write a full review of my favourite places to visit, hotels to stay at and restaurants to eat at. Hopefully it is somewhat helpful to my readers and if you have any other questions, please do get in touch.

Where to Stay

This year we done something a little different, we split our stay to two different hotels. For the first section of our trip we stayed at The Waldorf Astoria, which is situated on Lake Buena Vista (aka Disney) and then for the second part, we stayed at the Hard Rock, which is of course a Universal hotel.

Normally, we would stay on International drive, because as much as I love the parks, after a day at them I can get a little bored and want to move on to something different (probably shopping but not always!) However, because we were going with my family, we decided it might be better to stay on site so there was plenty for us all to do, without having to relay on each other.

The Waldorf was incredible, I loved everything about it, the rooms were gorgeous, the pool was beautiful and so quiet. Marble bathrooms and the most gorgeous lobby that even smelled like Byredo Blanche. The only thing that I could fault about the hotel was its location, it was pretty out of the way compared to where we usually stay but again thats personal preference and for many people it would be the perfect location as it has transport links to all Disney parks. I wouldn't, however,  let me put me off staying there in future as everything else was incredible.

The Hard Rock was a totally different experience. Of course I know your thinking - what is she talking about? You seen the daily snapchats of how much I enjoyed my time there, but I'm going to be truthful and honest, because it's only fair.

As you drive up, the surroundings are incredible, it's the most beautiful building in a gorgeous setting, the fountain, the tiles and the amazing pool area. You get express passes for the rides, are minutes walking distance from the Universal parks and the gardens are literally so beautiful you feel like you are in Palm Springs. Despite the amazing atmosphere, dive in movie and all of the above, the inside of the hotel, as well as the service is certainly not worth what they charge for it.

I understand it's about the atmosphere for most people, but for me the rooms and service were not to the standard of the Waldorf, which cost less than half the price per night. So if I were to go back, I doubt I would stay there again. In fact if I do go back next year, I imagine I would stay at the Hyatt Regency again, it's one of my favourite places in Orlando.

Ok, enough ranting about the hotels, lets talk about what else to do whilst you are there.

Where to Eat

There's lots of great places in Orlando, but one of my favourites would have to be STK, we went a number of times for the atmosphere as well as the food. The whole vibe is just great, sit on the terrace and enjoy the amazing playlist whilst eating. Another great new place at Disney springs would be Sprinkles, you need to go here and get a cupcake - delicious. 
Copper Canyon at Pointe Orlando is great too, it's a scratch kitchen, so everything is fresh and tastes incredible. Shake Shack on international drive, great for those of us who don't live near one, and if you are looking for something more special, the Bull and the Bear at the Waldorf Hotel it's rated as one of the best restaurants in Orlando. 

What to do

Universal is obviously my number one place to visit. Go early to Diagon Alley and have pancakes at the Leaky Cauldron, or else go later at night and see everything lit up. You must also try a Cauldron Cake, especially if you're a chocolate lover like me. 
Disney is literally magical, I always make it a point to go to the Magic Kingdom now, and after all those visits, it still never gets old. Try a Mickey ice cream & if you want in early book an 8am breakfast at Be our guest restaurant - a great breakfast and it's pretty cool walking up to the castle with hardly anyone else around. 

Other than the parks, of course, theres's shopping, and lots of it. Mall at Millenia is my go to - first stop by Godiva and get some of their soft serve or a chocolate dipped strawberry and just walk around the beautiful mall and enjoy all the luxury shops - Neiman Marcus is my favourite, it's where I finally found my Chanel espadrilles.
The new Disney springs is a must visit - it's not only beautiful but it now has a Sephora, Zara, Free People and many more! Another shop there I love is Francesca's - the cutest boho style clothing and accessories.
We also love to go to Celebration Town, it's so pretty I even enjoy the car journey just sitting taking in all the beautiful houses. Grab a coffee and walk around, they have lovely little stores and a Macaroon shop!

I can't think of anything else to add just now, but if you are going and want to ask me anything, just tweet me @florals_corals or snap me @lucyflorals. 

Have a great week ahead!



Thursday, 21 July 2016

Summertime Day to Night with Dorothy Perkins

In the midst of the current UK heatwave, I find it oddly difficult to dress. I suppose because it's easy to dress on holiday whilst relaxing in the sunshine, but not many of us would get away with a t-shirt, flip-flops and shorts at the office.

So how do we dress in this weather and still look somewhat presentable? I would probably start with lighter tones. I'm so attracted to white and blush pink tones currently, because not only are they much more summery in general, but they also match in perfectly with my floral Gucci, which is always a plus point.

For work, meetings, lunches and general day time errands I think going smart with a straight leg cropped trouser is best. It keeps everything pulled together but can be so easily dressed down. I've added a blush lace up blouse and for night time, the denim jacket. Instead of adding a blazer to skinny denims, i've added a relaxed denim jacket to a tailored crop trouser. It still gives off that easy casual and chic look but is a bit different at the same time.

I suppose it's taking a risk with an all white outfit, but with nice weather then why not? Of course you could also rock this look with a nude or camel trouser, an oversized blue denim jacket and a pair of black strappy Carson heels. I've linked my favourites for this style below.

Speaking of strappy sandals, these Carson shoes from DP are my current obsession. I've seen a few other bloggers who swear by them and wear them often. After trying the Carson heels for myself, I can totally vouch for how amazing they are. Chic, comfortable, easy to walk in because of the block heel and only £29! Basically, the perfect summer day to night shoe.

If I was headed to dinner or a work event I would swap this blouse out for one of my favourite DP strappy cami's and add some dainty jewellery to accessorise the look. Otherwise, if I was headed home or for a more relaxed evening, I would swap my heels for flats or sandals.

I've shot how I wore this look during the day to coffee and a meeting, then how I wore it to head out with Chris afterwards.
All in all, this silhouette is the perfect one for a day to night outfit that you can style up and add pieces to in order to make it work for your schedule. These Dorothy Perkins staples will definitely help you to build your summer capsule wardrobe.

I hope you like my look and find it helpful, please let me know what you think, and what your favourite inexpensive basic staples are!

Enjoy the rest of your week and happy weekend when it comes.

All Images - Chris Allan.

This post is in collaboration with Dorothy Perkins. 



Monday, 18 July 2016

Shorts of Summer

When i'm at home in grey Glasgow I rarely wear shorts, probably because it's July and currently 13 Degrees and raining (basically February in my opinion) so I don't often get the chance. Whilst in warmer climates, however, you will always find me in my shorts, much more than skirts or dresses.

So lets talk the best shorts and where to buy them from. Of course we are all huge fans of the levi denim cut off, honestly who doesn't own a pair? But for exactly that reason, i've been avoiding mine this summer. I will still usually gravitate towards denim, so these American Eagle black ones have been my favourite thus far. I love how easy and wearable they are for the inexpensive price. They look great with a cami and some sneakers (see my instagram images from Disney for ideas) but also so great dressed up for dinner or drinks at night.

For night time I added my Free People belt and this tassel top along with my favourite Chloe Wedges & Gucci bag. It gave off the most perfect easy summer night vibe and honestly I could have worn this outfit numerous times, I loved it that much.

American Eagle are a current favourite of mine, i'm sure if you've seen my social media then you have seen me constantly wearing my AE straw boating hat.  Check out the other amazing pieces here!

In terms of other styles of shorts that I gravitate towards, it's usually a high waisted tailored style. I have linked my favourite styles above and below.

What do you think? Are you a fan of American Eagle? and where is your favourite place to buy shorts? Let me know int he comments below or tweet/snap me @lucyflorals.

Have a great week ahead!

All Images - Chris Allan. 



Monday, 11 July 2016

Sun Dress

Happy Monday everyone, finally back to blogging after a few weeks of being ill and then on Holiday.

I had the best time in Florida, as always, and I will share more fun photos in my US travel diary next week. If you are heading to Orlando soon, i'd definitely check it out as it will have all my tips and tricks on what to do when your there, where to stay, where to eat, fun things to do outside of the parks, and the best parks in my opinion.

As someone who goes there often, I still find it worthwhile reading up on other things to do whilst we are there, it makes it more fun and gives each trip something different to remember it by.

But for now, let's talk about how amazing the red Dionysus looks with this inexpensive dress. I don't think I could be anymore in love with this simple white sun dress. I picked it up in the Zara sale for around $20 and didn't take it off for the rest of my trip.

It really shows you that investing in the right accessories will shape your whole wardrobe. Not only do they pull an outfit together but by investing more money in a quality leather pair of shoes, or bag, it means it's going to last way longer also.

Thats definitely my fashion rule to live by, inexpensive clothes will always look better when dressed up by the perfect piece.

What do you think of the red Dionysus, do you prefer the plain canvas compared to my floral one? I love them both, as they both have different quirks that make them stand out. It matches perfectly with Chloé wedges too - so shout out to my mum for letting me borrow her beautiful bag!

So many exciting collaborations and travel posts coming over the next few weeks, i'm so glad to be back blogging again! And don't forget to keep up to date with me on snapchat, instagram and twitter - @lucyflorals in between posts.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

All Images - Chris Allan. 



Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Festival Style

It's festival season and one of my favourites is just around the corner, T in The Park, has been an event I have attended for years and whilst you might consider: music, camping, friends and maybe even mud. I, however, always think about festival fashion. 

As it is Scotland, I always stuck to Hunters and wax Barbour jackets to keep warm and shield me from the elements. However, as times move on and festival fashion shifts I think its time to change it up - think more Coachella, less wellies and raincoats. 

First thing first. You want to cover all bases, for my festival fashion look this year I'm laying the foundation for the look in this Miss Selfridge floral playsuit. Floral was huge at Coachella, especially in the form of floaty and pretty mini dresses, but lets be honest, if your on top of someone’s shoulders singing your heart out during Calvin Harris, a playsuit is probably a better fit. 

For a Jacket, go for denim, it's huge this year in general but it was also a hit with festival goers who varied their styling of denim jackets. Tying it around their waist during the day and draping it over their shoulders at night. It's the perfect carefree jacket to add to your pretty or simple base. 

In terms of footwear, Dr Martens, or any other sturdy biker boot, would work perfectly. Sturdy enough but still give off that pretty chic vibe that is so in this summer. Another tip is to wear socks, even though its summer, your feet will be cold walking through all that rain and mud. If you are camping for the weekend, i'd probably still suggest you pack wellies incase of rain, so that if it does start then you can wear them to the festival and keep your boots for the campsite. 

Up top, go for either a hat or dainty jewellery with lots of rings, it will work in perfectly with that pretty but grunge look. In terms of sunglasses, you'll need them, even if the sun doesn't shine - but remember to pack your least favourite pair incase you loose them.

Mostly you'll want to feel comfortable and warm but you also want to look cool enough for all those instagram photos you'll be snapping. Going for a pretty outfit base and layering up with different jackets and accessories will help you achieve this. For this years festival style i'd suggest thinking less about traditional festival wear and more about whimsical grunge styles. It will look great - I promise! 

Can't wait to see/here what everyone is wearing - snap or tweet me with any photos!

This post is in partnership with Megabus head to their festival hub here to see my post as well as others!

All Images - Chris Allan. 

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

The Dream Team

That excitement when you find a pair of wedges almost identical to your Chloé ones but at less than half the price. These shoes have been my summer staple from day to night these past few months and I can't wait to take them on holiday next week, everything I'm packing has been planned around them. 

So when I found a more affordable pair, I couldn't wait to share with you all. They really are worth it, totally the perfect summer shoe. Above i've teamed mine with my favourite bag (of course), along with the most simple outfit of skinnies and a white tee and I just think the wedges totally transformed the look. 

Definitely have a look at the dupe wedges I have linked above and below - they come in a few different colours and I love them all.

I have a few exciting posts coming up over the next week, including a Sale round up of all the best bits in the summer sales that are just kicking off - trust me it's a good one! 

Enjoy the rest of your week!

All Images - Chris Allan.


Monday, 13 June 2016

The Holiday Edit

Embroidered Shorts | Marant Sandals (Half Price currently) | Off The Shoulder Swimsuit | Tom Ford Lipstick | Straw Pom Pom beach bag & (Similar HereEmbellished Toe Loop Sandals | £20 beach cover up | Chloé Hudson bag

Since i'm off to America in 2 weeks i've been constantly trailing the high street for some pretty and different pieces for my trip. It took me a while to even get into holiday shopping mode as the last time I was in Florida last September has some pretty negative associations, it's when I pretty much stopped eating altogether. However I couldn't be more excited now and i'm so looking forward to trying something different this year and staying at a mix of hotels - one of them is Hard Rock, so don't forget to follow me on social media to see everything that's happening!

On top of all this, i've been finding it somewhat difficult to find exactly what I had in mind for my holiday wardrobe, so I thought i'd pull together some of my favourite pieces and share them with you all.

As you can tell, i'm going for a bit of a boho vibe with the fringing, pom moms and beaded sandals. I think if you mix and match statement pieces like embellished shorts with a simple white tee it will work perfectly. A pair of denims and a bikini with a statement beaded sandal or a pom pom bag with a simple off the shoulder white dress - perfect!

Definitely going for killer accessories, with simple but statement looks. Hats are another one of my summer must haves because my head burns badly in the sun. Luckily there are lots of beautiful and inexpensive ones on the hughstreet that are perfect for your holiday. I've linked my favourite here, here and here (specifically love this last one with the message printed on it!) - all under £30.

Are you off to anywhere nice this summer? or have you found any amazing holiday pieces - let me know by tweeting, snapping or messaging me @lucyflorals.

Happy Monday!

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