Monday, 24 October 2016

Everyday Denim

Whats your favourite fit for Autumn Winter? In jeans - of course, because what else would we wear when it's this cold outside other than denim ...

I live in it, but I have difficultly transitioning into the colder months, I find myself being a little boring and just wearing the same black skinny fit. Mostly due to practically, they fit into my boots, look good with almost everything and keep me warm at the same time.

Now don't get me wrong, this is all well for a day at the office or working from home, but at the weekends I'm always searching for other pieces to wear. It's so easy in the summer, you have denim shorts, ripped denim, white skinnies - you can dress your denim up or down and make it work into any outfit. Yet how do you do this in the winter? If i'm honest I think it's actually when I enjoy denim the most, because I play around the the fit and cut more than anything else.

The Straight cut - your new denim hero! 

I had been wearing my black Bailey skinnies from Dorothy Perkins for the last month (the comfort is unreal for the price) but when I seen the straight fit version, I knew they would be the perfect style to add into my AW16 capsule wardrobe.

They have a great relaxed fit, comfortable for wearing day to night, look insane with any pair of heels and (most importantly to me) my new Dr Marten 1460 boots fit snugly under them - they exact look I was looking to create for everyday - add a fluffy sweater like this Zelle Studio one & your basically Autumn Winter ready...

Are you a fan of the straight cut? Trust me, even if you haven't before, give it a try they are so easy to wear for this time of year. Let me know your thoughts @lucyflorals or tweet me @florals_corals.

Tip: If you slightly short like I am you can roll them up at the bottom to give that nice siholuette around the ankle - so flattering, especially when worn with heels. 

All Images - Chris Allan.

Created in collaboration with Dorothy Perkins - Thank you for working with me on this post. 



Tuesday, 18 October 2016

All Things LFW


I always find it difficult to write about fashion week, with so many writers, magazines, newspapers and bloggers covering it, what can I write that's even somewhat different?
I thought I'd break it into small sections so that different people can look at the section they are interested in. If you aren't too bothered about the collections, and just want London recommendations or tips from someone who doesn't live there, at least the post can still be useful.

In terms, however, of what to wear to fashion week, I always struggle. London is very showy, everyone is showing off and you feel like you drown in the crowd. After 4 seasons, and one at PFW, i've learned to stick to my style. You carry yourself best when you feel comfortable and good about how you look and what you're wearing, so for me, that's classic basics.

I'm wearing A silk Zara shirt with Urban outfitters denim and I love this silhouette of the cropped straight leg denim with a yelled boot going into them, however, trust me on this one - always wear flats! These boots caused me so much pain on this trip, that I haven't been able to look at them since! 


It's always difficult at fashion week, and I think I learn each season what is best for me in terms of treating the blog as a business. If I'm brutally honest, it's worth it in terms of enjoyment and a social aspect for me. Of course I love to see the collections - who wouldn't? However in terms of is it worth it for the blog and content, i'm not always so sure. 

Fashion week is always an incredibly busy time, its difficult to set meetings and socialise the way I should be in London, as I don't live there. Therefore I often question it and how can I make the content more interesting. I try to include a lot more lifestyle and tips about the city I'm travelling to, so that it makes it more valuable. When creating content I always try and think - what would I want to see or read? And take it from there. 

In terms of shows and presentations, you can see that all on my insta stories, which means you can live it in real time compared to hours or days later. Markus Lupfer is always one of my favourite presentations, the collection was so edgy but with that beautiful feminine floral touch that I love so much right now.

The Barbara Casasola show was my Saturday highlight however. I seen the collection as very wearable for me, styled in the right way, the tones and beautiful tailoring in some of the pieces were perfect. I was lusting for summer to come back whilst watching the models walk down in the minimal chic pieces. 

Events are another highlight and a great way to mix with other influencers and make contacts. The Pandora x Tumblr event at the Ham Yard Hotel was definitely the most cool and beautiful event I attended this season. Pretty pieces of jewellery, gorgeous setting, a nail bar and so much more - it was the perfect place to refresh amidst the chaos. 

Picking a place to stay is always a hard one. There are many areas in London that I love to stay, but somehow I keep going back to this one. The area around Tower Hill or London Bridge, which I originally picked one trip because of the best travel links to City Airport and fell in love with the area after one stay. It's so quiet at the weekend it almost doesn't feel like your in London, which after a long and busy day at LFW is a god send. At night Chris and I go and sit at the Hotel rooftop bar and take in the incredible views. 

This year we stayed at the Citizen M Tower Hill - newly opened just weeks before we arrived, it's beautiful and modern interior and great price point drew me in straight away. Then I realised it's situated directly above Tower Hill tube station, which is perfect for 4 days of running around all of London. 

The comfiest bed and quirkiest rooms, which are small yes, but the full size windows and insane views make up for that. If your looking for a great place to stay in London, with amazing travel links and a great cup of coffee on your way out the door in the morning - you need to check out the new Citizen M Tower Hill. 

Now i'm back home and writing this post is making me wish I was back ... but soon - and if you would like more travel diaries of recommendations send me a message @lucyflorals & let me know! 



Sunday, 9 October 2016

September Beauty: Latest Products & Current Favourites

Latest Products:
I've acquired some amazing products this month, but I am still dedicated to consistently trying new pieces to see what works for me, and what I can recommend to you, my readers. I wanted to share some that I have recently picked up, and hope to be just as great, but haven't been able to test properly. If you have been able to then please leave a comment below or tweet me @florals_corals and let me know your thoughts! 

Last month I had my Make up done at the new MAC counter in Frasers. I've not used many Mac products over the years but I have always been a fan of their eye and lip products - Velvet Teddy anyone? I found that when you have someone who knows the products apply them for you, that singly they are great! My newest favourite (after only a few uses) is the perfecting stick, as soon as it was applied I knew it would be on my MAC wish list every few months. Along with their new Liptensity lipstick, especially in Smoked Almond, its Velvet Teddy but richer, more pigmented and lasts longer. 

I've been using my new products over the past week and will let you know more next month - also i'm always talking favourite products on my insta stories whilst getting ready in the morning, so don't forget to check that out @lucyflorals.

Current Favourites:

And i'm sure if you do follow me on instagram and watch my stories, you will have seen my rave about these products recently. 
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: I asked at the counter, what the artists favourite product was, and they all said Magic Cream and recommended it to me, and I couldn't be more happy that they did. Even just now when my skin is bad and recovering from a reaction, which lead to me having to use steroid cream. I feel like when I put the magic cream on, it smoothes and plumps my skin and leaves it perfect for make up to be applied. 
Wonder Glow: Similar to the above, this has been another insane product. Its no secret I love the dewy look, and this added to your foundation, or as a base gives you exactly that. 
Chanel Bronzer: I know I have spoke about this before, but I've been using it for almost 2 months now, and it's one of the best and most versatile products i've bought. If you are looking for a bronzer, and if like me you love to tan, this is great for face and body - i'm constantly touching up my neck with this to make sure everything blends and my body and face aren't different colours. 
If you are looking for a hero pieces in terms of Make up - this is it. An absolute all rounder. 
HD Brows Finishing Powder: I'm not normally a fan of powder, but it helps to set our make up and as I do have that kind of skin that Make up just loves to slide off - I compromise, and this is it. A light and easy powder, It leaves my face anything but cake-y but instead with a beautiful glow. 

Thats it for now on the beauty front, but I will be back next month for another round up! 

Have a great week!



Monday, 3 October 2016

Pinstripes in Paris

Last Monday I was at the Top of the Arc De Triomphe and shooting this look around Paris after breakfast at L'avenue. Today I am sat at home working all day in a weirdly sunny but also very chilly, Glasgow. I'm sure you don't have to ask where i'd rather be?

More to the point, my Parisian saviour (other than my OtterBox phone case read my last post to hear about that ) was this £30 pinstripe blazer. I gravitate towards it every morning whilst getting ready, it's so classic and chic & looks great with every pair of denim I own, as well as dresses and skirts.

When travelling i'm not someone who brings a lot of choices, I usually travel light and ever since loosing my case on the way to America I rarely check luggage. This means I have to be particularly clever about outfit choices, and jackets that will match my day and night time looks are essential. Don't you agree that this Pinstripe fits the bill? I just added simple t-shirts and jeans, or my leather skirt and it worked perfectly over the two days, because, and especially in Paris, less is always more. Don't overpack or overthink it!

So, basically I'm saying you need to invest in a longline Pinstripe blazer ASAP! It will carry you through Autumn with a knit underneath and then when winter comes you can layer a simple coat over it for warmth.

I've linked some of my favourites below, and don't forget to tweet me if you've seen any other great ones!

All Images - Chris Allan. 



Wednesday, 28 September 2016

#SymmetryStreet 24 hours in Paris with OtterBox

After the most tiring but exciting 24 hours in my favourite city of Paris attending the #SymmetryStreet event with OtterBox, it got me thinking about how integral my phone is in my life.

This realisation began to form last week when my Macbook was in for repair for around 12 hours and I thought my whole world was collapsing. I had posts set to go live and my edited images hadn't being backed up due to being in London, the heart palpitations were beyond real. During this time, my phone became more important than ever and it made me realise how important taking care of these objects is.  On Monday morning I was standing at the top of the Arc De Triomphe holding my phone in the air to get the perfect shot, ultimately it's a recipe for disaster, so why don't I take more care of it?

Working for myself, and running everything form my phone, protection and insurances for that device should be top priority, not a £2 case from Amazon. My style is very sleek and minimal so I look for phone cases to match, and from the moment I received my OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear cover I knew it was perfect for me. However, it wasn't until I was discussing it with Chris that I realised how durable the phone case actually is for being so lightweight & aesthetic.

I know, you are probably reading this and thinking when will you tell us about the event - all in good time - but I just wanted to mention this, as i've learned the hard way recently with not backing up my devices properly and putting them in suitcases/bags without protective cases on. If you live on your phone like I do, then protect it!

If you watched my Instastories over the weekend you will have already seen all the fun at the #SymmetryStreet event, but if not you can see from the images above. Held at the quirkiest place in Paris, Le Pavillon de Canaux, it almost felt like we were in the South Of France and not Paris at all. Filled with the coolest people, enjoying the best (and I mean the best!) coffee, Street Art by Raphael Federici (yes that street art above was made out of phone cases), customising our new OtterBox cases and getting all the inspiration from the Parisian Street style.

Finally, for my brief flirt with Paris I wore a Pinstripe blazer (only £30 & linked above) with my fave new Levi wedgie jeans and a classic white tee. Then obviously my white OtterBox case and black round Raybans to finish off the look, oh and don't forget the Gucci!

I can't imagine a more perfect Sunday afternoon, can you? PS- stayed tuned for more Paris pics on here & Instagram!

All Images - Chris Allan

A special thanks to OtterBox for having me at the event and for sponsoring this post!



Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Key Pieces or Statement Pieces?

Do you ever find yourself torn? Like some days I am all wanna be girly, with blush pinks and would buy everything from the Gucci Floral collection, then the next day I am in Docs, denim and leather.
There seems to be no happy medium but I think I may have found the perfect equation to solve this problem.

Statement pieces + statement accessories + key basics = the perfect look every time. 

Statement pieces & Accessories : Shoes, bags, accessories, blouse or jackets. Whatever it may be, you can add them to the most simple look and they will look take it from basic to classic. My floral Gucci does this to any look and already I have got so much wear out of it, so it's definitely worth the investment. However, you don't need to invest in all designer pieces. These Dorothy Perkins heels are on sale for £30 and they look great with high waisted skinnies or ripped boyfriend jeans & a white tee. Along with the blush satin bomber, I threw this on in London for a wonder around Regent street with my Levis and white tee and it looked perfect together. 

Key Basics: This is my favourite part, buy the good well fitted basics, you can do them all together for work or weekend but when you feel like it, add those statement pieces and accessories in. I live my day to day life in black skinnies, especially in Autumn Winter in Glasgow, because it rains so much. A loose blouse works well to make them more feminine and then add a statement bomber or leather and it gives it that edge. 

High waisted skinnies and a chic bomber is definitely going to be my AW16 silhouette - for day I'm adding my lace up docs and night, definitely these amazing heels above. I don't know what it is about Dorothy Perkins heels but for the price I can't get enough of them lately. 

What are your style hero's or silhouette for AW16? Let me know by tweeting me @florals_corals or on instagram @lucyflorals! 

Enjoy the rest of your week and stay tuned for some exciting LFW posts coming soon!

All Images - Chris Allan.

Thanks to Dorothy Perkins for sponsoring this post !



Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Hero Piece

Firstly, I Apologise in advance for the short and delayed post, things have been hectic lately as I have so many trips and exciting projects coming up. I leave for LFW tomorrow morning so follow me on instagram, insta stories & Snapchat as I have too many exciting things going on - you won't want to miss it! Then i'm off to Paris for something just as exciting ... but more on that later.

On to this look, well just now i'm all about investing in those strong accessories that carry you through the seasons - these Dr Marten boots that i've had forever, and the balenciaga bag that makes my hectic life that little bit more chic. However, even more importantly are those pieces you need to add in with your investment pieces, these are your High street hero's. This silk shirt from M&S and Zara skirt are mine currently. You can wear them with anything and everything.

So for now, I really have to run but please if you haven't already - buy this £30 Mini, it is definitely my high street hero this season!

Have a great weekend & speak soon! 

All Images - Chris Allan


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