Friday, 16 December 2016

24 Hours in Munich for the StradaLounge with OtterBox

When OtterBox gave me the opportunity to attend their incredible #StradaLounge pop up at the Galerie Art:ig in Munich, I was so excited. I had never been to Germany before and at especially not at Christmas time, so as you can imagine I had been dreaming of those Christmas Markets.

Let me tell you, the trip did not disappoint. Experiencing Munichs premier winter wonderland( with the most beautiful tree I have ever seen)  under the shadow of an exquisite gothic church in the heart of the incredible Marienplatz, proved to be a Saturday night I will never forget. However, a few things did catch me off guard on my trip and I thought I would share what I learned in Munich below.

I am NOT immune to the cold (and there are places colder then Glasgow)

You'd think that growing up in Glasgow, where it's cold and wet 24/7, 365 days a year, that I would be immune to even the worst of weather conditions. Wrong. Even with 5 layers of clothing on, including: mohair, leather, a ridiculously oversized Hobbs fur coat, leather gloves and a hat, I still felt as though my face and ears were beginning to freeze over. I know what you're thinking, not ideal for street style right? Bingo, you got it.

Not Everything should revolve around the weather

I'm sure if you follow me or read my blog often then by now you are accustomed to the fact that I always talk about weather (If you are not, then see above). However, even with the harsh conditions in Munich, I was so inspired by the city and its relaxed (and very Christmassy) vibes, that they didn't seem to matter anymore. Instead, I stepped out of my comfort zone, embraced my surroundings and enjoyed creating different content for a change.

Flip cases are your new best friend

I always thought that it was only my dad who had one for convince and safety, but since receiving my  Strada Case at the event, I know why they are so great. For the girl who works on her phone but throws it in her bag and drops it constantly, this is the best (and most stylish) insurance policy for your phone. Trust me on this one. FYI, it's also pretty handy with the card slot. Perfect for the girl who constantly looses her cards deep in the depths of the overflowing Balenciaga...

Personalisation is key - it's all in the details!

Before attending the event OtterBox sent me one of their beautiful black Strada Cases with my initials embossed on it in Gold. It's funny how much I fell for this case because of the personalisation, and everyone on my instagram seemed to love it also. I suppose those little touches make everyday items seem more meaningful. OtterBox also gave us amazing stickers for our cases at the event, unicorns, candy canes and you can see mine below.

Thank you to OtterBox for having me at the #StradaLounge event. I had the best time personalising my cases, meeting other bloggers and learning so much from the talks and interviews that were held. 

Created in Collaboration with OtterBox. All Views, styling and words are my own Thank You to OtterBox for working with me on this post. 



Sunday, 11 December 2016


Pulling up to Cliveden House last week, I was literally in awe; it has to be one of the most incredibly beautiful places I’ve ever stayed. The grounds alone are stunning but when you walk inside, it’s completely breath taking.

Hence my dilemma – what do you wear when PANDORA treat you to a day filled with festive activities, walks around the grounds and a fancy dinner at night? (Check below for all the fun details of what we got up to) Especially when flying from Glasgow that morning with only a carry on case.

Well less is more of course… as I knew I had to pack evening wear for our dinner, as well as warm & suitable clothing for our day time activites I had to pull together a bit of a capsule wardrobe. 

I started off firstly with one coat only, and because I wanted to be warm enough and for it to be suitable for all activities – of course I went for a fur. It’s so easy to dress up flung over my shoulders for dinner but then dress down with ripped jeans and leather, it was the perfect choice.

I’m sure you have heard me talk about this before, but I tend to stay away from certain things at the festive period, dresses being one of them, and another is costume jewellery. I find it a bit monotonous and prefer to go for a simple trouser with a statement top or jacket and then layer beautiful dainty jewellery. Since you are doing something special and different I think it makes your look somewhat different and really feminine – for example, layering dainty necklaces with an open pretty blouse, add trousers or a skirt and heels and you have a beautifully accessorised yet feminine and festive touch added to a more masculine look.

It’s no secret how much I love to layer my jewellery, necklaces, bracelets and rings, so this worked perfectly for my daytime looks as well. I wore my PANDORA locket (that I never take off) and my pretty PANDORA stackable rings for daytime and then added my pearl necklace and more sparkly rings for the night look. I ended up loving the look so much with how it complimented the fur that I kept all of the layered jewellery on for my outfit the next morning. Not ideal for airport security however…

When you’re heading away for a festive break or overnight stay, it can be difficult to pack, so I have found using statement pieces and dainty jewellery carries your outfits over into the following day that little bit better, but since it is Christmas – don’t forget to add a little sparkle to your dainty and layering pieces.

All in all, always think capsule, clothes, shoes and jewellery - what can you wear travelling, that you can add to for evening or the following day(s).

Have a look at what I wore last week on our trip & please tweet me @florals_corals to let me know what you think.

Don’t worry; I wasn’t going to finish this post without letting you know everything else we got up to at Cliveden House (Just in case you missed all those InstaStories…)

The first of our festive workshops was a wreath making class, teaching us how we could make our own beautiful festive wreaths.
Now don’t be fooled by any of the images – my wreath was poor, nicely decorated – if I do say so myself, but the actual craftsmanship was not something I was particularly proud of.

As for my wrapping, our next workshop after Lunch, I’m too embarrassed to even show you – thankfully the beautiful hand crafted PANDORA pieces that I was wrapping stole the attention and there was no way I could have done them any justice anyway. The PANDORA  pieces are honestly so beautifully crafted, I have become so impressed by hearing about the process and of the quality through wearing the jewellery every day.

After a fun filled day of workshops, we were greeted with gifts in probably the nicest suite I have ever stayed in. I had the best time getting ready in that marble bathroom and then we headed down for Dinner and Drinks in another beautiful and festive setting.

It was such a great day and evening and I honestly think that sitting in the spring cottage with the fire burning, eating mince pies, Michael BublĂ© playing in the background and doing our festive workshops really was the perfect start to the Festive season. Thank you PANDORA for such an incredible trip.

Amazing isn’t it? Don’t forget to leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of our trip and how you accessorise your festive looks this season!

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Have a wonderful weekend.
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